Vince DelMonte's Your 6 Pack Quest Program

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"Take Just 6 Minutes To Read This Page And I’ll Share Exactly 6 “Little Known” Reasons Why You Can’t Get Rid Of Your Stubborn Belly Bulge…”

Because… on this very page you'll discover the secret to how…


And How You Can Use Vince's Simple Step-By-Step

Belly-Busting, Ab-Sharpening

System To Get Into…

Or Back Into…

The Best Shape Of Your Life.


“Well, here is an opportunity to take me up on a one time NO-RISK trial
of No Nonsense Six-Pack where you’ll begin to lose up to 3.8 pounds of fat
each and every week
until you have a 6-pack in 6-months guaranteed!”

For the first time ever, I’m going to let you try my simple, step-by-step Six-Pack Program and ALL of the Bonuses for less than twenty bucks.

No Nonsense 6-pack Fat Loss

For 21-days you'll get to try either the 3-day Metabolic Boost Program, 4-day Metabolic Extreme Program, 5-day Metabolic Overdrive Program, Bodyweight Program, Cardio Workouts, Supplement Recommendations and any of the 84-day Empowered Nutrition Meal Plans at your goal caloric amount. And all you pay is $19.95 during that time. My goodness, that’s not even the same price as a movie and popcorn!

This fat loss program usually costs $107, but you can start a 21-day trial for only $19.95. If you like it, you'll be billed the remaining $87.00 investment at the end of your 21-day trial period.

"No-Nonsense Fat Loss System: 6-Pack In 6 Months."

Upgrade Package

You seriously have nothing to lose and there is no risk of getting scammed or losing your money because Clickbank handles the refunds and if for any reason you are unhappy you can drop Clickbank (ClickBank sells our products - they are a trusted online retailer specializing in digitally delivered products.) an email and ask for your money back. I am taking all the risk so you have no reason to hold back and not get started. Instead, you can get access to the fastest way to lose your belly fat and get flat… firm… and sexy six-pack abs without putting the fat back on in a few months.

Say goodbye to dangerous fat burning pills, short term diet plans, ab machines and expensive personal trainers. Instead, get the safest and most effective fat searing workouts that will help you lose your love handles and pot belly and reveal a body that you know you deserve.

The complete step-by-step ab and fat loss system can be yours in only a matter of minutes for half the price of a bottle of fat burning pills that will only mess with your heart.

Here's More Proof It Works

“Soft And Depleted To
 Sexy And Muscular”

6th Place Of 41 Girls In Her First Ever WNSO Fitness Model Competition! 

"Vince, how do I put into words everything that you have done for me…

I am extremely happy with the results that I have achieved training with your program.
…Knowing that I have you to guide me and knowing that I will get results with your program, gives me the peace of mind that I need to concentrate on bettering my physique.”

Adina Chetan
Ontario, Canada

“Kevin Cuts Body Fat In Half!”

“Just recently, I came in 3rd in a 12 week contest at my gym using Vince's six pack training program which played a major role in that success.

I never thought it would be possible to see such gains in just 12 weeks!

Vince has helped me drop from 16% BF to 8% BF to expose an honest 156 pound frame.

Can't wait to see where I am in 12 months. Thanks for everything!”

Kevin Seguin
Ontario, Canada

“Joe Lost 25 Pounds & Got Down To 7.5% Body Fat!”

“This program is different because of the bullet proof plan provided and the fact that there is not guess work for the reader! I never hit a "dead end" while training for my goals..

The biggest struggle was social occasions but I overcame the obstacles by staying focused on the outcome. Vince was also quick to answer questions when clarification was needed.

The biggest benefit is the reaction you get from people who havent seen me in a while! Also, no longer feeling helpless in the quest for a fitter body. I now believe I have more of the answers than questions and I feel in control of my fitness level and I am even more confident in my future goals!"

Joey Vaillancourt
Gatineau, Quebec

“61 Year Old Sheds 25 Pounds Of Ugly Fat, And Gains Rock-Solid Muscle.. In Just 12 Short Weeks”

"Working with Vince DelMonte's fat loss program for 12 weeks, I have managed to lose (25 poundsand 20 ½ inches

lost 10% body fat and have reduced from a size 18 to a size 12…

…I am stronger, healthier, have more energy and am more positive in attitude. What started as a chore has become a new and enjoyable… way of life."

June Lynch
Ontario, Canada

Stop moving further away from your fat loss goals and star moving closer by learning how to weight train properly, perform cardio the right way and get a meal plan that tells you exactly what to eat and when to eat it.

Start your six pack quest today for only $19.95 for your full-access Trial Offer.

If you don't discover the "little known" secrets of the simple No Nonsense Six Pack workouts, you'll be convinced that you have bad genetics, it’s your age, you have a slow metabolism and you’ll never get the body you really want. Keep doing ineffective cardio and weight training workouts and keep “winging” your nutrition without a plan and you’ll have to live with that darn pot belly and those stubborn love handles and (maybe even suffer health problems) for the rest of your life. Stop repeating history and try something new that has been proven to help Peter melt 100 pounds in six months and help me incinerate 23 pounds in 8 weeks.

Here’s your final chance to access No Nonsense Six-Pack system that has been used by men and women, young and old, in over 120 different countries…. And for only $19.95 for the 21-day trial period.

At the end of your 21-day Trial Period, you're energy levels are going to be higher, you’re motivation is going to be building momentum and you’ll be down at least 6-9 pounds of fat sitting on your belly right now.

If you decide that this program is not for you, you will be charged the one time trial period charge of $19.95, and then $87 after the trial period. You will NOT be charged any other additional or re-occurring charges for these products. ($19.95 trial today and then the remaining $87.00 after 21 days).

Start your six pack quest today for only $19.95 for your full-access Trial Offer:

Click here to download your $19.95
Full-Access Six-Pack Package Trial Offer


To your six pack quest!


Vince DelMonte

Author, No Nonsense Muscle Building

Author, Your Six Pack Quest

Professional Fitness Coach

Contributor To Men's Fitness Magazine

Advisory Team Maximum Fitness Magazine



P.S. – You really can do what Peter did. I don't care about your genes… your metabolism… your gender… your age… your previous failures…

My program will work for you!

I strongly believe this is the single best program of its kind anywhere

The one that comes backed by my personal guarantee… plus YEARS of real world experience and science, time-tested and proven on thousands of people like you. Get your 6-pack… and get it right now with the $19.95 trial offer. You'll have jaws dropping before you know it!

P.P.S. – Your results are guaranteed by my 100% money back promise. If you aren't satisfied with your results from the program, just let Clickbank or I know and you'll be refunded your $19.95 before the end of the 21-day trial and you won't be billed any additional charges.

You have nothing to lose but your body fat and your belly. Get started with Your Six Pack Quest today!

NOTE: These e-books are downloadable e-books. No physical products will be shipped. After you order, you will get INSTANT ACCESS to download the e-book and all the bonus reports onto your computer. The e-book format is adobe acrobat PDF, which can be viewed on Mac or PC.

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